Know About Me

Benild Joseph is a Security Researcher, TEDx Speaker, Author and renowned White Hat Hacker with definitive experience in the field of computer security in India.
Benild is profiled in Hacking the Hacker - book written by Roger Grimes along with Bruce Schneier, Kevin Mitnick, Mark Russinovich and World's best white hat hackers and is also listed among the Top 10 Ethical Hackers in India by Microsoft Social Forum and Silicon India Magazine.
He was a speaker at The APWG Vienna Symposium on Global Cybersecurity Awareness Messaging at the United Nations. He is a regular speaker at security conferences in India and abroad.
Benild is working with various corporate companies, law enforcement agencies and government organizations. He has also worked on various security projects at International Cyber Threat Task Force (CTTF) and Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI ). He is the author of CCI a book written for law enforcement agencies in India.
Benild has discovered critical vulnerabilities in popular websites including Facebook, Yahoo, Blackberry, Sony Pictures, Tesco, AstraZeneca, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom. To his credit he has many registered and pending patents in cyber forensic and information security domain.
He has been interviewed by various newspapers and TV channels where he has shared his experiences relating to cyber attacks, vulnerabilities and cyber crimes.